Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Reserve Your Copy of my Upcoming Double Titled Second Book  

The Official Release is forecasted for February 28th, 2015
Everyone Who Reserves a Copy will Receive an Autographed Photo.

All Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards Accepted.
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Excerpt from the Book:

Title: The Best Man

I may not have the money, cars and homes that I used to have, but I'm Still the Best Man.

I may not be able to buy you a spa day, but I'm Still the Best Man.

I may not be able to take you on a cruise, but I'm Still the Best Man.

I may not be able to pay your rent for you, but I'm Still the Best Man.

I may not be able to take you on a shopping spree, but I'm Still the Best Man.

I may not be able to take you to the fanciest, but I'm Still the Best Man.

I can:
Cook You Dinner
Draw You A Relaxing Bath
Massage Your Body
Hold You When You Need It
Kiss You All Over Your Body
Taste You
Make Love To You
Encourage You
Love You
Care For You
Be Your BestFriend as Well as Your Lover
Cherish You
Protect You
Build a Family and Empire with You
Always Be There For You


Written By Published Author Anthony Beckford aka Anthony B

Monday, November 24, 2014

Help my Daughter Harmonee get back to me Safely


On Friday, November 21, 2014 Harmonee was unlawfully taken by her mother Shavon Sirita Taylor. Harmonee was last seen with her mother at 11am along with her 6 year old sister MoAsia Taylor while I was heading to work. It is believed that her 15 year old daughter Daveana Lezama is with them as well. Shavon was supposed to drop Harmonee off to her grandmother’s house in Brooklyn, NY and never reached.  Harmonee was last seen with Shavon walking out of 1527 Taylor Avenue in the Bronx heading down the street towards Archer to catch the bus to go to a WIC appointment.    I discovered the apartment that night in ruins. Shavon's bed was flipped over and all of my daughter's books and clothes were thrown everywhere  It looked as if she had a mental break. My daughter needs to be found right away. I fear for her safety.

Harmonee was last seen wearing Dark Blue Jeans, White Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Sneakers, a Pink Winter Coat and a Green Frog Hat. Shavon Taylor was last seen wearing blue jeans, grey shirt, a black bubble coat and a black and white Yankee hat. It is believed that they are in the Bronx, NY or Catskills, NY or Hudson, NY area with Shavon's mother Rita Taylor. Shavon Taylor has a history of Depression, Drug Use and Paranoia amongst other things. She also goes by the Aliases Chef Chevy Chev and Chevy.  On November 26, 2014 NY State Family Court granted me Emergency Sole Custody and a Writ of Habeas Corpus for Shavon Taylor to give Harmonee back to me immediately in which she has not complied.

Please help us find and return Harmonee Beckford back to me safely.

 I am the only parent my daughter truly knows.  While I was being a responsible Father, her mother was on the streets all hours of the night and I found out she has been selling drugs abd GOD knows what else.Rumors have been circulating that she is being investigated by the police and that her drug dealing co-conspirators set her up.  Two of them were recently shot while she abandoned her two other children to go to catskill, new york to sell drugs and now she is running for her life but has dragged my daughter into this dangerous mess. Help Me Get My Daughter Back Home Safe Please.

 She is very intelligent for her age and loves to watch Frozen with me and is a big Princess Ana fan.  She loves being with her grandmother for the weekend and going to church with her on sundays. She loves to dress up in all the beautiful dresses that were bought for her and lotion my hair and brush it like a hairstylist. We have daily sing offs and dance offs and are always going to either the library, applebees, to the park and many other fun locations.  She loves tracing her name and having me say bedtime prayers with her. She is missed by myself, her grandmother, aunts, siblings and friends. Again, please help me find my daughter and get her back to me, where she can be safe, loved and nurtured the right way by a parent that actually cares about her well being.

D.O.B: 02/01/2012
Age: 2 years old
Height: 2 feet 4 inches   Weight: approximately 36 lbs
Hair Color: Black – Shoulder Length (Usually kept in a ponytail)
Eye Color: Brown
Scars/Marks: Small Scratch on left check, Burn Mark on Right Leg.
Piercings: Both Ears – Purple Stud Earrings





Petition to force the Authorities to do more for me as a single Father: 

I am raising money to help in the starting cost for my search for my daughter who was abducted by her mother. I am raising funds so that I can put out newspaper announcements, create and distribute fliers, travel expenses to find and retrieve my daughter, expenses to hire a private investigator to help me find my daughter as well as a lawyer to make sure that mine and my daughter's rights are being upheld fully by 
the courts and authorities.